Bath Powder - 60g

SKU: DRE13217
Bath Powder - 60g
Bath Powder - 60g
Bath Powder - 60g
Bath Powder - 60g
Bath Powder - 60g
Bath Powder - 60g

Bath Powder - 60g

SKU: DRE13217
Dresdner Essenz
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At DRESDNER ESSENZ, we want to help you relax and unwind so you can once again enjoy these special moments. That’s why we rely on the healing properties of select plants, the aromatherapy of essential oils and the restorative power of precious essential fragrances.

Deep Relaxation Melissa Lavender

Dresdner Essenz Deep Relaxation Melissa Lavender Bath Salts provides restorative health and wellness to your bath. This bath additive blends the effective use of essential oils of lavender blossoms and Indian Melissa to refresh you when you’re feeling tired.

Offers relief from a hectic, stressful day. The Indian Melissa oil helps to restore your inner balance so you can relax. Sesame oil combined with wheat protein and panthenol leave your skin feeling silky and well cared for.

Deep Relaxation bath for health and well being is a beneficial bath essence with the active essential oils Melissa, lavender, and valerian. the harmonising flower of Lavender refreshes you when exhausted and relaxes you when busy and stressed.

Melissa oil helps you to rediscover your inner harmony and peace of mind.

Sooth & Unwind Lavender Hop

Use Sooth Unwind Lavender Hop Flower Bath Salts for health and your well being.

A beneficial bath essence with natural essential lavender and palmarosa oils, west Indian sandalwood, valerian root oils and pure sea salts.

The pure essential blend of oils that calms the mind and helps your to relax after a stressful day. The hops blossom extract has a harmonising effect to combat nervousness.

Cold Relief Thyme-Honey

Dresdner Essenz Cold Relief Thyme Honey Bath Salts for health and well being is a beneficial bath essence with natural essential thyme, bitter fennel, and eucalyptus oils.

The essence aids breathing in the cold and flu season and enhances general well being. The natural honey in this bath essence has a soothing and calming effect.


The Dresdner Essenz hemp bath salt is a balancing bath additive based on Dead Sea salt to promote well-being after a hard day.

The selected combination of proven natural active ingredients has a beneficial and soothing effect. Valuable essential oils of Indian Melissa and Patchouli help to relieve tension and let your body and mind forget about everyday stresses.

The essential oils combined with the heat of the water improve the overall sense of well-being. Pure Dead Sea Salt is rich in valuable minerals and, in combination with hemp oil, naturally nourishes the skin.

Muscle Therapy Juniper Rosemary

Dresdner Essenz Muscle Therapy Juniper Wintergreen Bath Salts for health and well being is a regenerating bath essence with juniper and wintergreen oils. The essence has a particularly beneficial effect after participating in strenuous sporting activities.

Combined with the pleasant warmth of water, these essential oils stimulate the circulation of the skin and have a relaxing effect on your muscles.

Sesame oil, combined with wheat protein and panthenol, makes your skin noticeably soft and smooth and provides the best care.

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