DIA Light Pearls - 10.82 - Very Very Light Blonde Mocha Milkshake Iridescent- 50ml

SKU: LOR1401082
DIA Light Pearls - 10.82 - Very Very Light Blonde Mocha Milkshake Iridescent- 50ml
DIA Light Pearls - 10.82 - Very Very Light Blonde Mocha Milkshake Iridescent- 50ml
DIA Light Pearls - 10.82 - Very Very Light Blonde Mocha Milkshake Iridescent- 50ml

DIA Light Pearls - 10.82 - Very Very Light Blonde Mocha Milkshake Iridescent- 50ml

SKU: LOR1401082
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Dia Light - Discover the power of gentle hair coloration.

Our formula, enriched with an acidic pH and free from ammonia, delicately colors your hair while neutralizing any unwanted highlights following lightening. Experience revitalized lengths and enhanced color richness that visibly elevates your hair's appearance.

- Achieve vibrant, long-lasting color that stays true over time.

- Enjoy up to twice the shine, bringing a dazzling glow to your locks*.

- Benefit from 30% more nourishment, for hair that feels softer and stronger**.

- Combat dryness effectively with up to 14 shampoos, courtesy of our incorporated cationic polymers***.

Our formula is as kind to the environment as it is to your hair. It uses 21% less water compared to traditional colorations**** and saves up to 15% of product per application, making it a more efficient and eco-friendly choice*****.

*For the most radiant results, pair with French Glossing.

**As demonstrated by an instrumental test, when compared against untreated hair.

***Based on the results of an instrumental test.

****Proven by an instrumental test, measuring the quantity of water used to rinse lengths compared to iNOA.

*****When applied to mid-length hair, compared to Majirel.


Dia Light is your ultimate solution for all professional coloration services. It masterfully neutralizes highlights after lightening and softly revives lengths post-coloration. This unique low-pH technology is designed exclusively for professionals, offering the same color hold as our oxidation colorations without over-sensitizing the hair.

Its ammonia-free gel-cream formula with an acidic pH enhances color while neutralizing unwanted highlights, preserving the hair's surface, and nourishing it for a brilliant color. The outcome? A scientifically proven professional color without color overload, no over-sensitization, and improved color hold from coloration to coloration for chromatic shades*.


- Post Balayage/Lightening: Nourishing gloss to neutralize previously sensitized, lightened hair.

- Post Color/Coverage: Gloss treatment to revive and bring shine to previously sensitized, colored hair, without color overload.

- Customize your results with a wide palette of shades, from the lightest blondes to the darkest brunettes.

- Acidic pH technology that balances the fiber for visibly healthier hair without lightening.

- Nourishes the hair, making it 30% more nourished**.

- Delivers incredible shine: hair is up to 2x shinier***.

- A committed coloration: uses 21% less water**** and could save up to 74 tubes per year***** versus traditional coloration.

*On chromatic shades after several applications with Dia Light vs LP oxidation coloration on lengths.
**Instrumental test vs untreated hair.
***With French Glossing only, Instrumental test after several applications with Dia Light vs oxidation coloration.
**** Instrumental test, amount of water used to rinse lengths vs iNOA.
*****Application on mid-length hair vs Majirel, in a salon carrying out 500 applications per year.


- A must-have: Cool shades for a neutralized and shiny result.

- Tone heights 9 and 10 are perfect for neutralizing and bringing shine to your blondes in just 5 to 10 minutes.

- Add Clear Dia Light with an acidic pH to any of your mixes to soften the texture for an easier, quicker application, or to adjust the color and reflection intensity for a bright result.

- Dia Light boosters: - Boost color visibility and hold - Boost reflection intensity or neutralization. - Create new shades and expand your palette.

- Pro tips: You can use any DIActivateur developer with Dia Light, but our pros recommend the DIActivateur 6 vol. for your blondes and DIActivateur 9 vol for your brunettes.

- Service options: - French Glossing coloration service: revives permanent coloration on the lengths - French Balayage service: neutralizes highlights after lightening - Add shine with the Clear shade - Color correction/pre-coloration.

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