Silkline Foot Files

Silkline Foot Files 531NC - Two Sided Oak Handle Medium/Coarse Individual
Silkline Foot Files 531DUONC - Two Sided Oak Handle Medium/Coarse Full/Mini
Silkline Foot Files 8000NC - Wet/Dry Coarse/Smooth
Silkline Foot Files F7000NC - Disposable 80/180
Silkline Foot Files SLSSFF4000KITC - Stainless Steel Kit w/24 Filing Pads

Silkline Foot Files

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Two-Sided Oak Handle (Medium/Coarse Grit) - 531NC

  • Two-sided foot file with OAK WOOD handle
  • One side medium grain, the other side coarse grain

Two-Sided Oak Handle (Medium/Coarse Grit) Full/Mini - 531DUONC

  • Two-sided foot files with oak wood handle
  • One side medium grit, other side coarse grit
  • Mini file is same grit as large file

Wet/Dry - 8000NC

  • Wet /dry foot file
  • Two-sided file with thick wood handle
  • Extra-durable: can last up to 3 months
  • Heavy-duty construction for aggressive filing
  • SANITIZABLE: use any chemical sterilizer
  • Use DRY with coarse side, use WET with smooth side
  • Removes calluses and smoothes heels
  • Coarse side turns calluses to dust, smooth side gives even satin finish
  • Excellent for home use to maintain soft feet between pedicures

Disposable - F7000NC

  • Hygienic and affordably priced so estheticians can use it as a disposable tool and prevent cross-contamination
  • Durable and sanitizable: resistant to the effects of water, alcohol and other disinfectants
  • Double-sided – one side with 80 grit (coarse), one side with 180 grit (medium). The coarse side is great for removing calluses or hard skin, and the medium side gently smoothes and massages the feet
  • Grit on both sides will remain effective for more than one pedicure treatment
  • File can be used on dry or wet feet
  • Sturdy plastic handle provides a comfortable grip and fits well in the hand. It is properly shaped for easy callus removal
  • Strong adhesive keeps the filing paper firmly in place on the handle during the entire pedicure
  • After the pedicure, estheticians can give the file to their client for home use between treatments

Stainless Steel Kit - SLSSFF4000KITC

  • Lightweight foot file made of stainless steel
  • Sterilizable and sanitizable
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle
  • Double sided with wide filing surface
  • Includes 24 self-adhesive filing pads (8 of each) :
    - 60 (Coarse grit)
    - 80 (Coarse grit)
    - 120 (Medium grit)
  • Adhesive pads are easy to apply and remove
  • Disposable and hygienic to prevent cross contamination
  • Can be used on dry or wet feet

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