Simply Super Bond - 15ml

SKU: ENV40211
Simply Super Bond - 15ml

Simply Super Bond - 15ml

SKU: ENV40211
EnVogue Nails
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Think of Super Bond as your "insurance" layer. Super Bond is a non-acid air-dry bonding agent that acts like double-sided sticky tape, creating a super bondbetween the keratin in the natural nail plate & the gel layer on top.

Features & Benefits

Non-acid, Safe to use, Quick air dry, Maximizes adhesion and reduces the risk of lifting, Can be used under any of our products and systems

*A great addition for oily nails/lifting-prone clients

How To Use

Once the nail has been properly prepped and cleansed, apply a thin layer of Super Bond and let air dry for 30 seconds before applying your base coat. *Super Bond does not replace your base coat, it's simply an extra step to promote additional adhesion.


Does it have to cure in a UV/LED lamp? No, Super Bond is a fast air-dry only product!

Can I use this instead of my base coat? Super Bond does not replace the need of a base coat (Connect or Connector). It can be used before any base coat for any system.

How do I know when it's dry? It only needs 20-30 seconds to fully dry, but you'll know the nail is ready when it changes from looking "shiny wet" to a sticky sheen.

General Simply System Use

  1. Begin with a properly prepped and cleansed nail. [If using tips or forms, now would be the time to apply.]
  2. [Optional Step] For extra adhesion, apply a thin layer of Super Bond to the nail and let air dry for 30 seconds.
  3. Apply a thin layer of CBS Connect and cure for 60 seconds LED/2 minutes UV.
  4. With your favourite gel brush, place a bead of Medium Build in the centre of the nail and gently guide it into shape. Remember with self leveling gels, you want to use product to move product. Cure for 60 seconds LED/2 minutes UV. Apply a second layer as needed.
    [We recommend using Medium Build for overlays or for short-medium salon-length extensions. For longer extensions, Sculpt Build is recommended and for fills/rebalances we recommend Smooth Self Level.]
  5. Wipe the dispersion layer with Prep & Clean and a No-Lint Wipe and file/buff into shape as needed.
  6. Apply two coats of your favourite colour or for a natural finish, go ahead and apply your favourite top coat. Cure fully.
    7. Cleanse with Prep & Clean (if needed) and finish with Renew & Repair Cuticle Oil.

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